How to Make a Mini Terrarium
Monday, January 5, 2009 at 09:03AM
Lori in things to make

It’s winter here but our snow and ice melted during some unseasonably warm weather last week. Walking around the yard we noticed that there is still a lot of green — we have moss growing all over our yard and on the trees.

Since it’s really cold outside, we decided to bring some of the moss inside to study and draw.

This should really be entitled “How to Make the Simplest Possible Mini Terrarium”. We’ll link to some fancier versions at the end!

First, put some rocks in the bottom of a glass jar for drainage.

Then, add your dirt + moss. This moss grew under our birdfeeders this summer after the birds had pecked away all the grass that used to grow there.

This photo makes my spade look gigantic! Please, no comments about how I maintain my garden tools.

Set moss in jar. There, you’re done.

Well, we decided since we weren’t frozen yet, we would walk over toward the trees and see if we could find any other varieties of moss to add.

We found some larger, reddish moss that looks like tiny palm trees. Note we have not identified any of these mosses or lichens yet.

All done! Back to the warm indoors.

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